·      Designed to keep the weather out as well as provide shade. Option: add clear vinyl window. We offer three styles of curtains: Roller Curtain- vertical fabric that rolls up and down with the aid of ropes and pulleys. All Weather Roller Curtain- sale as Roller Curtain with both sides are sealed with molding and able to roll up and down by using a zipper on the sides. Plus, additional center pipe to help strengthen the curtain for the harsh weather. Welded Panels – Rigid Vertical Curtain: are made from welded aluminum tubing utilizing a special staple system to provide a weather barrier to your patio or walkway. Combined with clear vinyl windows they can provided an uninterrupted view outside to your yard. 

·      Mosquito Curtain- Sliding track curtains that easily attach to the awning frame or hard roof structures with minimal hardware. Available in custom widths and heights to suit your patio.