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Promotion is one of the most important parts of business. It is how you attract new customers and let them know what types of products and services you offer. One of the easiest ways to promote your business is through signs and banners. When you have large, attractive signage with engaging graphics, you'll be sure to attract more clients and customers than ever before.

At Canvas Exchange, Inc., we can create banners, signs, awnings, and wall art with graphics customized for your business. Just take a look at all of the options we have listed below.


Enhance an Awning With Graphics

You already know how beneficial an awning can be for your storefront. Imagine purchasing an awning and having your company's logo printed on it as well. You'll not only be able to reap the benefits that an awning can bring but also the benefits of a professional sign. Customers will be able to easily spot your store and get a feel for your brand right away. Plus, your establishment will be protected from the bright sun and other harsh weather.


Depending on what your logo looks like and what type of fabric you choose for your awning, we will suggest a method of printing. Here are some of the common techniques we use:

  • Screen ink
  • Pressure-sensitive vinyl
  • Eradication
  • Heat transfer

We have all of the tools and expertise to make your awning stand out. Rely on Canvas Exchange, Inc. to create the perfect awning for your business.

Custom Graphics for Other Purposes

Aside from creating awnings with customized graphics, we can also create banners and signs for you to hang inside or outside of your store or restaurant. Whether you want them digitally printed or hand painted, we can design and create the perfect banner or sign for any purpose or occasion.


When you order a sign or banner from us, you can choose from different sizes and materials. We will use mesh or vinyl to create large banners for schools, trade shows, and other business outings. We can also make smaller banners for your storefront windows in mesh, vinyl, or adhesive. And if you don't want to cover the window with a sign, we can create vinyl lettering to display your company name or logo.

No matter what kind of graphic you would like to display, Canvas Exchange, Inc. can make something that fits your needs.


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